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A pleasure for connoisseurs: noble red wines available from the Heinemann shop

Dark, intense, and powerful in flavour – many regard red wine as the finest of all wine types. This may be due to the complex and time-consuming production process, which requires a lot of experience and sure instinct. Or it could be because of its ability to be stored for longer periods, which has earned certain long-aged red wines their legendary reputation. Above all, it is the complex aromas that distinguish red wine. The aromas are able to develop because the red wine grapes are fermented along with the skin and seeds, and thus all the flavour and colour leaches out into the grape juice.

The most important red grape varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, which is grown in Bordeaux, for example; pinot noir, which finds the best growing conditions in the southern region of Germany, among other places; tempranillo, the flagship of the Spanish Rioja region and Merlot, which is highly favoured by Italian and Argentinian winemakers. Discover the international red wine collection by Heinemann: which is your favourite red wine?


Elegant white wines for every occasion – available online from Heinemann

White wine stands for freshness and lightness. Its elegant aromas with pronounced acidity pair excellently with fish, poultry and seafood; however, sweet, fruity white wines such as dried berry selections (German Trockenbeerenauslese) and sherry  go beautifully with cheese and desserts as well. While red wine grapes need a warm climate, white wine grapes thrive even in cooler regions – especially in the wine-producing regions of Germany and Lower Austria, the Mediterranean coasts and along the coasts of Australia and California.

The most popular white grape variety is Chardonnay, which also plays a crucial part in the production of the famous Champagne. Equally loved and also available in the Heinemann shop are the German riesling and weissburgunder, which is cherished all over the world as pinot blanc, as well as the sauvignon blanc, which is grown in France and New Zealand, among other regions.


Fruity and fresh and often underestimated: aromatic rosé wines

Rosé wine is often underestimated. It is true that its tangy, fruity aromas are perfect as a light aperitif for summer. However, this fresh wine, with its characteristic pink colour, is an exquisite pleasure at any time of year. To make rosé wines, red wine grapes are processed in the same manner as in white wine production. The grape varieties used and the winemaking process varies depending on the growing region. This influences the individual character of the French rosé, the Italian Rosato, and the Spanish Rosado – all of which you can buy online from Heinemann.

For connoisseurs, epicures, and beginners – order delectable wines online

Red or white, renowned vineyard or emergent winemaker, established wine-growing tradition or modern wines from overseas – get inspired by the wine selection in the Heinemann shop and order your favourite wine conveniently online.