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Protected origin – the fine sparkling wine can only come from the Champagne region

Champagne is one of the most exclusive beverages in the world. Not only because of its distinctive taste, but also because the production and the winemaking are strictly controlled: 
  • Restricted growing area: Champagne is allowed to be produced exclusively within the approximately 34,000 hectares of the Champagne region.
  • Prescribed grape varieties: Only three varieties of grapes may be used for producing Champagne: pinot noir, pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.
  • Manual grape harvest: The grapes for Champagne have to be picked by hand and pressed immediately. 
Fermentation in the bottle: Champagne ferments in the bottle in a complex process and is aged after fermentation for at least 15 months.

Elaborate winemaking process according to the “méthode champenoise” 

In this process of making Champagne, the grapes are fermented to form a base wine using the same method as for making white wine. Usually, several base win