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Single Malt Whisky

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What characterises a single malt whisky?

Single malt whiskies are produced in several of the traditional whisky nations. After all, the term "single malt" is not used to designate the product's origin, but instead refers to the production method - and that method is specified down to the last detail: 

  • Ingredients: The only ingredients in single malt whisky are malted barley, water and yeast - that is how it differs from grain whiskey, which is distilled from a mix of malt and unmalted grain. 
  • Origin: Single malt is always a whisky from a single distillery. No other whiskies from different producers may be cut with it, as is the case with blends.
  • Storage: Single malt whisky must mature in oak wood for at least three years. Most producers are more likely to allow their whisky to mature for ten to twenty years, though.

The character of the single malt is heavily influenced by the region and closely tied to the traditional production methods of the country or a specific distillery. Whether a Glenmorangie, Aberfeldy or Bowmore Single Malt, Heinemann gives you the opportunity to become acquainted with the best single malts available. 


Scotch or Irish Whiskey – who makes the best single malt?

Basically, single malt whiskey can be produced anywhere. However, Scotland and Ireland are the countries where this special whiskey is most often produced. This is due to the long whiskey tradition and expertise of the distilleries, but is also simply a matter of raw materials. Barley, the indispensable base ingredient for the single malt, is a rarity in the United States, Canada and Japan. This is why Canadian and American Whiskeys are usually grain whiskeys, which include, among other things, corn and wheat.

Scotch single malt is exceptionally complex and ranges from smooth, flowery notes to distinctly strong aromas. The Irish single malts are milder and have a round, almost sweet flavour. Try a single malt whisky from Scotland or Ireland – it's easy to order online at Heinemann. 


Order excellent single malt whiskies at Heinemann

Whisky connoisseurs drink a matured single malt whisky neat or diluted with just a splash of soft water at room temperature in order to be able to fully savour this fine product. Single malt whisky also makes quite an impression as an ingredient in popular cocktails or long drinks. You can choose from a wide selection of international whiskies from well-known distilleries such as Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Highland Park, Glenfiddich or Talisker online from the Heinemann shop - or you have the option of picking it up at the airport or having it delivered to your home directly.