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Japanese Whisky

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In the best Scotch tradition - the roots of Japanese whisky 

With respect to both the ingredients and production methods, Japanese whisky is very similar to traditional Scotch whisky. And no wonder, because Masataka Taketsuru, the pioneer of Japanese whisky, learned his craft locally in the early 20th century at various Scottish whisky distilleries. He returned to Japan in 1920 and was contracted by Shinjiro Torii, the founder of Japan's first whisky distillery. This distillery was where Suntory started, a company that not only produces excellent Japanese whisky, but also world famous American whiskeys such as Jim Beam or Maker's Mark.

Later, Taketsuru established The Nikka Whisky Distilling Company, which operates the two Japanese whiskey distilleries in the Hokkaidō region and in Northern Honshu. There are now quite a few renowned whisky distilleries in Japan and they are barely keeping up with the high demand for their quality products. This is also a reason why the Japanese distilleries are starting to purchase the traditional Scottish businesses. 


Japanese whisky - tradition and innovation combined to create the finest whiskies

What makes the Japanese whisky so special is the careful attention to detail and a standard of quality that does not compromise on perfection, both of which are typical for the country of never-ending smiles. Production closely resembles that of the traditional Scottish method, which can also be seen in the various Japanese whisky products:

  • Pure malt whisky is any whisky distilled exclusively from barley malt and water.
  • Single grain/blended grain whisky not only contains barley malt, but typically also other unmalted grain types.
  • Single malt whisky originates from a single distillery, however it may also be a blend of different barrels and years.
  • Blended malt whisky is a combination of at least two or more single malts from different distilleries.
  • Blended whisky is a cut of at least one single malt and one or more grains. 

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Friends of Japanese whisky and those striving to become one enjoy their single malt or blend neat and without ice, so as to savour the true flavour of this spirit on its many levels. In Japan, whisky is also an ingredient in the popular classic highball and people enjoy a glass for dinner or drink it in the winter with hot water - similar to the Grog enjoyed in Northern Germany. Be inspired by the quality and wide range of Japanese whiskies: Order your whisky online from the Heinemann shop up to 90 days prior to your flight departure date and have your order delivered either conveniently to your home or to the airport directly, ready for pick-up.