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Irish Whiskey

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Irish whiskey - harmonious blends, single malts and pure pot stills with character

Ireland cultivates a long-standing whiskey tradition, proudly calling the oldest distilleries in the world its own. Old-Bushmills distillery, for example, was established in 1784.

Depending on the ingredients and the production method, Irish whiskey is classified as follows:

  • Single malt whiskey originates from a single distillery and is distilled from malted barley in copper stills, which are referred to as "pot stills".
  • Pure pot still whiskey is made from malted barley with a high percentage of unmalted barley and distilled three times. This makes it especially mild with pure, clear flavours. 
  • Grain whiskey is produced from grain mixes, which usually contain corn, wheat, rye and malted and unmalted barley. Grains are mainly used for blends.
  • Whiskey blends are a composition of various whiskeys, mostly a combination of single malts and grains. Irish blends are typically characterised by an overall harmony, with a balance of sweet and fruity flavours.

The high quality of Irish whiskey is guaranteed by the fact that they are required by law to be stored in oak barrels for a minimum of three years.


How does Irish whiskey differ from other whisky products?

As opposed to Scottish whisky, Irish whiskey is always spelled with an "e". There are also differences in production methods: Irish whiskey does not involve kiln-drying the malted barley in smoke over a peat fire. This is why, compared to Scottish products, it tastes much milder and has almost sweet nuances.

Another special feature of Irish whiskey is that it is stored in old oak barrels: While American whiskey, always matures in unused oak barrels, the Irish prefer to store their whiskey in barrels that have been used in the past - even in barrels in which sherry, bourbon or port has previously matured. This gives Irish whiskey its unique flavours, which can range from vanilla to fruity undertones. Experience the fine difference of the various blends and maturities among the range of Irish whiskey products at Heinemann.


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