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Whisky - a spirit steeped in tradition with a cult of its own

Whisky originated in Scotland and Ireland, and it is no wonder that the spirit is called uisge beatha in Gaelic, which literally means ‘the water of life’. Today, whisky is distilled in many countries and regions, where the environs, various raw materials, water quality and production methods play a decisive role:

  • Scotch whisky is famous for its vigorous character, which can range from distinctively smoky to flowery. One special feature in the production of Scottish whisky has to do with how the barley malt is kiln-dried over peat fires, which brings about the strong, peat aroma of some Scotch whiskies. Many excellent Single Malt whiskies and pure malts originate from Scottish distilleries. In addition to the Highlands and the Scottish islands, Speyside, Lowlands, Campbeltown and the Island of Islay are other important whisky regions in Scotland.
  • Irish whiskey differentiates itself from the Scottish whisky not only in spelling, but also in taste: Traditionally, whiskey from Ireland is much milder because the barley malt is not kiln-dried over a peat fire prior to mashing. Irish whiskies are known for their full flavour and smoothness and they often feature slightly flowery or green notes.
  • American whiskey sets itself apart from its Scottish and Irish counterparts through its ingredients. Typically, grain mixtures with a high percentage of corn or rye are used. The classic American whiskey products include bourbon, a strong rye and a smooth Tennessee whiskey.
  • Japanese whisky has established itself as the secret star on the scene. Even connoisseurs have to admit that Japanese whisky is by no means inferior in terms of taste and quality when compared to a traditional Scotch. In addition to the world-renowned distilleries Suntory and Nikka, there are quite a few other excellent distilleries that are making a name for themselves with top quality whiskies.

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A good whisky should always be served neat at room temperature and enjoyed true to style in a tumbler - only this way can you discover the multifaceted flavour of a pure or single malt. Of course, whisky is also a major player in famous cocktails such as the old fashioned, manhattan or as well in highballs.

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