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American Whiskey

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From rye whiskey to bourbon to Tennessee whiskey - American whiskeys

American whiskeys are also referred to as "American straight whiskey" and must satisfy the "Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits". As opposed to Scottish whisky, American whiskey is not made exclusively from barley, but, depending on the type, is in large part distilled from rye and corn. This particular characteristic typical for US brands is based on the fact that Irish and Scottish immigrants to the United States had hardly any barley available with which to distil whiskey - and so had to be inventive. This is how the three most well-known American whiskey products came about:

  • Bourbon whiskey is mashed with a minimum of 51% and no more than 80% corn, and usually rye is added to it. Bourbon matures for at least two years in burned oak barrels, which forms the special bourbon aroma.
  • Tennessee whiskey is a bourbon produced in the US state of Tennessee. A special charcoal filtering method gives the Tennessee whiskey its mild flavour.
  • Rye whiskey is mashed with at least 51% rye. Compared to bourbon or Tennessee whiskey, rye whiskey has a richer flavour because its sugar content is lower.

Depending on the region and type of oak barrels, whiskey may mature faster or slower. A minimum of two years of maturing in oak barrels is specified for an "American straight whiskey".


Discover the wide range of US whiskeys

The flavoursome variety of American whiskey is not only due to the various grain types used in its production, but also to the variety of distillation and filtering methods, which the distilleries have in part developed on their own. For example, typical for the Tennessee whiskey is the complex charcoal filtering that Jack Daniel's has perfected. A double-mellowed Tennessee whiskey, to give just one example, is filtered twice through charcoal, giving it an especially smooth taste.

Other distilleries, such as Woodford, distil their whiskey three times, as is also typical for an Irish whiskey. Discover the individual characteristics of great American whiskeys - order your favourite products online now from the Heinemann shop.


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You will find an excellent selection of US American whiskeys at Heinemann - from Kentucky straight bourbon to rye bourbon to single barrel Tennessee whiskey that originates from one barrel and is thus always something very special. Discover the top quality range of US American whiskeys in various editions at Heinemann - from the handy 0.05 or 0.5 litre PET bottles to the 1 litre bottles and twin-packs. You can also take advantage of the special offers from the Heinemann shop. In addition to whiskey, you will also find a large number of other high quality spirits, including brandy, cognac or rum, at great prices.