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Rum - the beverage of choice among seafarers and conquistadors

Rum would not exist had there not been seafaring. Christopher Columbus started it all when he brought sugar cane from India to the Caribbean. Slaves, who were later brought to the colonies to cultivate and process sugar cane, produced an alcoholic beverage made of molasses and the leftovers from sugar cane processing - the predecessor of what we know today as rum. Once distillation technology had spread, this mix was eventually distilled to today's rum.

The strong spirit quickly became a favourite among sailors because it could be stored for long periods of time and also had a reviving and disinfecting quality. Rum was filled in wooden barrels for transport, and the sailors quickly discovered that storing it in this manner improved the taste of the rum. Today, many nations overseas have their very own rum culture, each with their own characteristic traits. Many of these fine rums can be purchased online from the Heinemann shop - discover just how large the variety of rum is!


White and brown rum - it all starts with sugar cane

The most important rum producers are the Caribbean, Cuba, Central and South America. However, Asia and Africa also use the cultivated sugar cane to produce rum. Traditional production only uses fresh sugar cane:

  • Mashing: Chopped sugar cane, sugar cane juice and water are mashed and fermented in a controlled process. Industrial producers often add molasses to the mash to accelerate the fermenting process. 
  • Distilling: The completely fermented sugar wine is distilled to a 65-75% white rum.
  • Filling and storing: The clear distillate is usually diluted with water to its drinking strength and is then poured into bottles as white rum. If the white rum is stored in used oak barrels for a longer period of time, a brown rum is created, which is usually especially aromatic and slightly sweet. 

Rum is sold both undiluted as original rum or diluted with water as real rum (approx. 40% vol.) or overproof rum (more than 57.15% vol.). A blended rum is cut from several rum productions.


Smooth, aromatic flavour - purchase real rum online at Heinemann

Real rum from traditional brands such as Havana Club or Flor de Caña is pure drinking pleasure for anyone who wants to experience the full complexity of rum. Generally, dark rum is suitable for drinking on its own - preferably with no ice as it can inhibit the fine aroma of the spirit. White rum, like Bacardi, is perfect for classic rum cocktails such as cuba libre or piña colada - order this and other rums online at Heinemann.