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From single malt Scotch to Cognac XO – the best spirits

There are countless different spirits, from world-renowned varieties like vodka and rum to fruity specialities with vodka and rum as the base. But what distinguishes these main spirit varieties – and how do they differ from one another?

  • Brandy is a distillate of white wine that develops its smooth, rounded flavour during the long ageing period on oak wood. The most popular brandies are cognac and armagnac as well as the Spanish brandy de Jerez.
  • Whisky is distilled from grain and malt, and also ages for many years in oak barrels. The national drink of the Scots and the Irish has a strong and robust taste – even American and Japanese whiskies are highly regarded internationally.
  • Rum is distilled from sugar cane and sugar cane juice in the Caribbean, Cuba, and South America. The intense, sweet aroma lends a distinctive character to popular cocktails such as the piña colada.
  • Vodka is a spirit that is more popular than any other. This national drink of Russia and Poland is typically distilled from grain and is available in various aromatic variants.
  • Gin is an aromatic distillate made from juniper berries and different plant compounds and is consumed almost exclusively by mixing with other ingredients. This spirit of rich tradition is a truly trendy drink in international bars.

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An indulgence for all your senses – vintage spirits from the Heinemann shop

In many cultures, spirits are closely linked to specific customs and occasions. People drink to celebrate a special moment, to get in the mood for a good meal, or to round off a special evening:

  • Aperitifs and digestifs are an indispensable part of food culture, especially in southern Europe. The French love a Pernod and their calvados; the Italians their Aperol and grappa; in Greek it’s ouzo and in the United Kingdom, sherry or port are the norm.
  • Cocktails are often a prelude to a long night, but they are also enjoyed as a small time out drink at the bar or at home. It is impossible to imagine cocktails without the classical spirits like vodka, gin, rum and brandy – however, modern creations with sherry, corn schnapps, and fruit brandy are also popular.
  • Spirits are often enjoyed neat to celebrate special moments, but also to savour the flavour of premium quality whisky, cognac, brandy and rum in all their complexity.

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