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Sun Care

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Everything for the sun – from sun care to self-tanning lotions to after-sun

Do you like being in the sunshine? Then you should make sure you have the right sun care, because if your skin is exposed to the sun’s radiation for too long or if the sun is too strong, it can cause damage: this can result in dry and irritated skin, sunburn or premature skin ageing. So that you can enjoy the sun relaxed and well protected, brands like Biotherm, Clinique, La Mer and Piz Buin offer innovative care products which have been specially developed to care for your skin in the sun.

Sun care products provide the skin with a lot of moisture and important nutrients to protect it from being stressed by the sun’s rays, and so that it can regenerate itself after sunbathing. The best example of this is sun oil, which feeds the skin and supplies it with vitamins and moisture. In addition to these moisturising properties, tanning oil usually provides basic protection with a sun protection factor of 6. 


Care and protection at the same time – sun care products with a sun protection factor

If you are exposed to strong solar radiation for a long time, you should choose sun protection products with a higher sun protection factor: SPF 15 provides medium protection, whereas sunscreen with SPF 30 offers a high level of protection from the sun. Sun protection products with an SPF of 50+ have the very highest level of protection from UV radiation.

International brands such as Biotherm, Lancaster, Sisley and Shiseido mostly use the designation SPF (sun protection factor) to indicate the levels of protection offered by their brands. Sun protection products with a sun protection factor can be purchased as sun sprays, sun lotion or sun protection cream. In addition, there are also water-resistant sun creams which provide reliable sun protection even when bathing or playing sports.


Moisturising, regeneration and protection – comprehensive sun care

After sunbathing, the skin needs nutrients and a lot of moisture. Après-sun moisturising ranges ensure that the skin can regenerate itself quickly. In addition to tanning oil and care products with sun protection, well-known brands like Collistar and Lancaster offer self-tanning products which ensure a rapid, attractive bronze effect on the skin. This means that you can top up your summer complexion at any time, even if the sun isn’t shining.


Order sun care products at an attractive price from the Heinemann Shop

Enjoy your time in the sun – with sun care products from the Heinemann Shop: Order tanning oil, self-tanning lotion, after-sun moisturiser and sun protection products with a sun protection factor conveniently online.  If you want to purchase care products at a particularly good price, then don’t miss out on the Heinemann special offers: You will find regularly changing products at considerably reduced prices – from care products, perfume and make-up to spirits, wine and champagne through to fine food and confectionery.