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Men Skin Care

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Special body care for men – from facial care through to shaving and beard care and deodorants for men

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s – by about 0.2 mm. In addition, men’s connective tissue is cross-linked, whereas women’s tissue runs parallel. The male acid mantle and the function of the sebaceous glands also differ to their female counterparts. As a result, men have different skin care requirements from women. In practice, this means that body care products for men place a stronger focus on moisturising; oily creams, on the other hand, serve to protect the skin and come into play primarily in winter.

Incidentally, men’s skin becomes more prone to wrinkles after the age of 35, so facial creams with UV protection are useful not only in summer. In particular, the thinner layers of skin around the eyes are affected. This also explains why special eye creams and anti-ageing products such as those offered by Biotherm, Clarins or Shiseido are so important in men’s body care routines. 


Healthy, pure skin – thanks to innovative men’s body care products

Besides facial care and skin care, men should also pay attention to facial cleansing; otherwise, large pores and increased sebum production can result in pimples and skin impurities. Face lotions and cleansing gels can help here. Regular facial exfoliation not only results in a clear complexion, but also reduces the risk of ingrown hairs.

Facial hair is another aspect of men’s body care which should not be ignored – men either need to shave regularly to remove growth, or groom their beard accordingly. Men who want to remove their facial hair thoroughly and gently not only need a shaver, but also shaving foam or shaving gel. Aftershave – in the form of either a cream or lotion – soothes irritated skin after shaving, and lavishes it with all the important nutrients it needs. Aftershaves are also popular as men’s fragrances, with many brands also offering their most popular scents in the form of deodorants and shower gels.


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Popular men’s body care ranges from brands such as Biotherm Homme, Clarins Men, Clinique for Men, L’Oréal Men and Shiseido Men repeatedly set new standards when it comes to high-quality men’s body care products and body care sets. We also stock trendy lines such as the daring Bad Norwegian brand, and relaxing, feel-good products from famous brands such as L’Occitane en Provence or Rituals Samurai Men – all of which offer men’s body care products with innovative formulas and ingredients and appealing scents.

Pamper yourself and your skin, or treat a loved one to a men’s body care set – the perfect gift! You’ll also find appealing unisex perfumes and men’s fragrances in the Heinemann Shop – perhaps, with a little luck, even in our Special Offers section!