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Hair Care

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Hair care products – from shampoo and conditioner to hair masks 

Whether you’re male or female, and whether your hair is long or short – hair always needs to be looked after properly. It needs to be regularly washed and conditioned, brushed and styled, and pampered with hair treatments and masks. Washing your hair gets rid of grease, environmental pollutants and residues from styling products. At the same time, quality shampoos contain numerous important vitamins and nutrients to make your hair vigorous and glossy.

In addition to shampoo, treating your hair well includes regular conditioning and hair masks. After all, whilst shampoo focuses on the cleansing aspect, it’s the conditioner and hair masks which nourish and pamper your hair. They provide even more intensive care for your hair and stimulate regeneration. Hair masks, in particular, address the needs of stressed, brittle hair and make it soft and shiny again.

Hair care oils and hair tip fluids have the advantage of being applied and massaged directly into the problem areas – either the roots or tips. But hair not only needs the right hair care products – it also needs to be styled. 


Comprehensive hair care and perfect styling – hair care products can offer both

Styling products such as hair wax, hair gel and hair spray keep your hair in place and enable you to create various individual styles – whether it’s smooth and sleek or wild and curly. To ensure your hair does not suffer as a result of styling, you should make sure you remove all styling products thoroughly from your hair on a regular basis, and treat your hair to a regenerative course of treatment – with conditioner, hair masks or similar. Conditioners can also make a valuable contribution to hair care, smoothing out stressed hair or adding volume to fine hair. Tip for hair care: regular brushing gives hair more bounce and makes it look glossier. 


Well-groomed from roots to tips – hair care products from the Heinemann Shop

Pamper yourself and your hair – with hair care products from the Heinemann Shop: you can order shampoo and conditioner as well as hair treatments, masks and hair care lotions for healthy, glossy hair. Besides quality hair care products, we also stock styling products such as hair gels and brushes to add the perfect finishing touch to your hair style.

In the Heinemann Shop, you’ll also find a wide selection of quality hair care products as Travel Exclusive editions: this means you can take all your important hair care products with you in a handy travel set – or treat a loved one to a hair care gift set. As an airline passenger, you can order your products online from the comfort of your home, and either collect your order from the Heinemann Shop or have it delivered to your home.