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Eye Care

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Special care requirements – the eye area is sensitive

While facial skin is “plumped up” by the fatty tissue under the upper layers of skin, the thin skin around the eyes has very little fatty tissue beneath it. It therefore has very little to counter internal and external influences, and reacts quickly by creating redness or puffiness, dark circles and fine lines caused by dryness. But it doesn’t have to be like this: depending on the age of your skin and your lifestyle, you can actively support the regeneration of the skin around your eyes:


  • Eye moisturising cream looks after the sensitive skin, even before the first signs of skin ageing begin to show. Eye creams such as Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment or Clinique’s Pep Start hydrate the skin intensively and protect it from damaging environmental influences.
  • Revitalising eye care such as Biotherm Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer or Revitalizing Supreme Eye Gel by Estée Lauder cool and refresh the eyes and help to reduce puffiness and dark rings – perfect for stressed or tired skin.
  • Anti-wrinkle eye cream: anti-ageing eye creams balance out the skin’s moisture loss caused by ageing and have additional smoothing or plumping characteristics, such as the eye contour balsam by Sensai, or Eye-Wrinkle Smoothing Cream by Clarins, that make the eye area look younger and fresher.

Just as with face creams, eye care products are available that are suitable for every skin type and age – find the eye care that suits you in the Heinemann Shop.


Eye day cream, night cream and eye serum – online from Heinemann

The Heinemann range has a wealth of different eye care products by all the well-known top brands – from rich eye creams to cooling eye gels, to feather-light eye fluids, from day creams to night creams for eyes to eye serums. A night cream differs from day cream mostly in that it contains many nutrients that support skin regeneration at night, such as Advanced Night Repair Creme by Estée Lauder.

An eye serum can also be used as a night cream.  In principle, the highly concentrated and particularly fast absorbing serums like Sisley Anti-Aging Supremya Eye Serum or Shiseido Benefiance Nutriperfect Serum are used as a moisturising boost in the day – but always after thoroughly cleansing the face and in combination with the matching face cream, of course. 


Wellness for your eyes: eye care by leading cosmetic brands

In order to fully appreciate the quality and benefits of high-quality face care products, you should use cleansing products, face cream, eye cream and eye serum from the same care range, where possible. The Heinemann range offers you the most successful product lines from top cosmetic brands. You can order your favourite brands and products conveniently online now in the Heinemann Shop.