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Skin Care

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Look after yourself beautifully – with face care products from the Heinemann Shop

A daily face care routine is vital, whatever your age. It cleanses and invigorates the skin, supplies it with moisture and nutrients and makes it radiant, irrespective of all the challenges that our everyday lives bring. Do not skimp on your face care: 


  • Find a face care range that suits your skin type.
  • Use face cleansing and moisturising products from the same product line – among the Travel Editions in the Heinemann Shop, you’ll find premium face care sets with coordinated products.
  • Always remove your make-up carefully – no matter how long your day has been.
  • Match your skin care to the season – in summer, you will need a higher level of UV protection, in winter a richer moisturiser.

From face soap, cleansing foam and scrubs to toner, day and night cream to eye cream and luxurious face masks – the Heinemann Shop offers you an extensive range of top-class face care products.



A dazzling appearance – hair care products for beautiful hair

Healthy, shiny hair is a real eye-catcher. Whether it’s long and curly and falling down your back, or a fashionable short bob, swinging around your ears and chin – beautiful hair perfects our look and makes us feel better in our skin. A shampoo designed for your hair with matching conditioner is part of a standard haircare routine.

In addition, Heinemann has lots of hair strengthening and repair treatments as well as luxurious hairstyling products by well-known brands such as Kérastase, L’Occitane en Provence and Kiehl’s – treat your hair to first-class care.


A beautiful look – gently moisturised hands and feet

Hands and feet are the body’s heavy duty workers: they are under stress around the clock every day. At the same time, the skin on your hands and feet has hardly any sebaceous glands, meaning that with frequent washing the skin can dry out and become cracked.  With the right care you will keep your hands and feet soft and supple. In the Heinemann Shop, for instance, you will find hand creams and foot creams, gentle hand exfoliators, manicure products and more.  Of course, it’s important not to neglect your nails, which is why you can also buy nail files and a large selection of nail varnish online from Heinemann. 


Protecting and moisturising your face and body – care products from Heinemann

UV protection in summer, rich moisturiser in winter, hydration and important nutrients – with the right care products you will give your skin, hair and nails everything they need to stay beautiful and healthy. Put your trust in the quality of leading brands and order exclusive care products, make-up and scents online from Heinemann.