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The right powder for every skin type – available online from Heinemann

Powders are just like lipstick or mascara – there is a right product for each person. It is not only about using the shade that matches your complexion but also about the cosmetic purpose that the face powder needs to fulfil: 


  • Loose powder is not very opaque. Its sole purpose is to give the skin a matt finish and is therefore mostly used in combination with a foundation. A large brush is helpful in ensuring even application of a loose powder, such as the Clinique Blended Face Powder, and for removal of excess powder from the skin.
  • Compact powder is pressed – sometimes with added oil – and is usually applied using a powder sponge. Compact powders like Lingerie de Peau by Guerlain have good opacity even without foundation and are extremely convenient and practical when you want to quickly refresh your make-up while travelling. 
  • Mineral powders are perfect for women with delicate or sensitive skin – firstly, because they have extreme concealing properties, and secondly, because they are exclusively or for the most part made up of natural minerals. In addition, mineral powders like Tromborg Baked Mineral Powder provide a light shimmer, which lends a vibrant freshness to the skin.

Heinemann offers an abundance of different shades of loose powders, compact powders and mineral powders. Of course, you can also buy suitable powder brushes, powder puffs or powder sponges for applying your face powder online in the Heinemann Shop – discover all products from your favourite cosmetics brands now. 


The perfect finish: buy face powders and accessories online from Heinemann

Face powder can be used in combination with a foundation or as exclusive face make-up. In addition, powder can be applied over the entire face or used only as matt finish or as a highlighter on the forehead and the bridge of the nose. There are a few simple tips to follow to ensure that your face powder is right for your specific needs: 


  • Pay attention to good quality: it is worthwhile to invest in branded products when it comes to both face powders and powder brushes or sponges. 
  • Apply the face powder in good lighting conditions: a soft, frontal light source that does not cast any shadows and makes it easy to apply make-up evenly is ideal.
  • Maintain your powder brushes, puffs and sponges well: your accessories for applying compact powders and mineral powders in particular should be cleaned regularly in order to prevent the build-up of sebum and bacteria. 

Treat yourself and your skin to a touch of luxury: explore the Heinemann range now and conveniently order luxurious face powders and other make-up online.