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Kohl – eye make-up with a long tradition

The prominent black line on the upper and lower eyelid is one of the oldest make-up techniques of all time. The ancient Egyptians highlighted their eyes using a paste of soot, iron oxide or powdered malachite. Even in India, the dark lid line has had ritualistic and aesthetic significance for thousands of years. Kohl is referred to in India as “kajal”, whereas the term “kohl” is used to describe the dark eyeliner in the Arabic world.


Kohl and eyeliner – what are the differences?

Eyeliner is the blanket term for all products that can be used to an eyelid line. This includes the classical kohl pencil with its relatively firm texture as well as the liquid eyeliner that is applied using a small brush. While the term “eyeliner” is used almost consistently in international usage, in German the term mostly refers to liquid eyeliner.

On the other hand, make-up pencils such as the classical kohl are referred to in Germany as kajal. Heinemann has various forms of eyeliner, from liquid eyeliners to creamy eyeliner pencils from Sisley through to traditional kohl pencils by Yves Saint Laurent.


The perfect eyeliner for all your needs – available online from Heinemann

There are many different varieties of eyeliner, each of which is used for different eye make-up looks: 


  • Eyeliner pencils such as the Khol Couture by Givenchy are easy to handle and can be easily corrected after application, as the relatively firm eyeliner does not dry on the eye surface. Some products need to be sharpened. However, kohl pencils are less suitable for very fine eyelid lines. 
  • Creamy eyeliners like the Clinique Cream Shaper can be more easily blended with eye shadow on the eyes than eyeliner pencils – this can come in handy for certain make-up styles like smokey eyes. 
  • Liquid eyeliners like the Eyes Spectacular Liner by Helena Rubinstein are applied using an extremely fine brush, and they dry relatively quickly on the eyelid. Applying liquid eyeliner calls for a bit of precision and deftness to achieve extremely fine and dramatic eyelid lines. 

Kohl is no longer only available in black: Heinemann has eyeliners from your favourite brands in many different shades, from brown to violet right through to creamy and metallic tones. Whether traditional eyelid lines, cat eyes or dramatic make-up with eyeliners in bright colours – discover kohl and other premium-quality eye make-upby Tromborg, Smashbox, Giorgio Armani and many others online in the Heinemann Shop.