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Experiment to your heart’s content – eye shadows are incredibly versatile

Choosing an eye shadow colour mainly comes down to what type of person you are and depends on variables such as your skin tone and your style. Regardless of the colour and the desired finish – whether matt, glossy or shimmering metallic – you can also choose between various textures of eye shadows:

  • Eye shadow in powder form is a colourful classic. It is applied to the eyelid with the help of a small brush and blends almost seamlessly to create sensational colour gradients. An eyebrow foundation like the Smashbox Photo OP should be used to ensure that powder eye shadow lasts longer and does not form any clumps or creases.
  • Eye shadow pencils are a bit thicker than eyebrow pencils or lip liners and have a firm or slightly creamy consistency. They can be applied without any beauty tools; however, they do not blend well with each other on the eyelid. For this reason, eye shadow pencils like Sisley Phyto-Eye are ideal if you want to use a single shade of eye shadow over the entire eyelid.
  • Creamy eye shadows allow precise application thanks to their soft texture, and they also blend extremely well. People with dry skin may find creamy eye shadows, for example from Yves Saint Laurent, easier to manage than powder eye shadows.

Powder eye shadows are often available in colour palettes, which offer you a wide range of styling options. Order eye shadows by Clinique, Yves Saint Laurent or Georgio Armani from Heinemann and create a new eye make-up look every time.


Look beautiful for longer – how to apply eye shadow correctly

To ensure that eye shadow stays on for a long time and does not clump up in the folds of the eyelid, you need to pay attention to a few things when applying eye shadow:

  • Use a primer or eye shadow base – a little concealer can also be applied to the eyelid to extend the durability of the eye shadow.
  • Dab powder eye shadow on instead of brushing and spreading it: the brushing movement causes a lot of the powder to be lost around the eyes – dabbing or patting is much more precise.
  • Lightly moisten the eye shadow: if the powder or the eye shadow brush is moistened very lightly with water, you will be able to apply the colours much more intensely.

You should keep intensely shimmery or metallic eye shadows for evening make-up – you could, however, use shimmery eye shadows of a lighter shade as a little highlight on the inner corner of the eye during the day.


The perfect eye shadow for every type of person – available online from Heinemann

Brown eyes can be made to shine with eye shadows in shades of violet or warm orange, whereas blue eyes are better accentuated with gentle shades of pink or brown. Green eyes shine with warm metallic colours, lilac or brown. Which eye shadow best shows off your eyes? Buy your favourite brands online now from Heinemann.