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Body Care

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Body lotion, body cream, body oil – what are the differences?

The variety of luxurious body care products available today is huge – and the ingredients of the care product are even more important than the fragrance. The percentage and type of nourishing substances vary from product to product: 

  • Body cream is the classic body care product and is suitable mainly for dry skin. As a rule, creams are more oily than body lotions and provide more intense care; however, they are not readily absorbed by the skin. 
  • Body milk/body lotion is an emulsion of water and tiny oil droplets, which is absorbed quickly and deeply into the skin and moisturises it. Body lotions are often enriched with additional nourishing substances like camomile or shea butter, which make normal skin velvety soft.
  • Body butter owes its name to its main ingredient – usually cocoa butter or shea butter. These rich plant-based oils are combined with other nourishing substances. Body butters are mostly made of natural substances and, therefore, are also ideal for sensitive or allergy-prone skin.
  • Body oil provides intense care and seals the moisture inside the skin. Thanks to a special formula, body oils do not make the skin oily; instead, they are absorbed deep into the skin – for this reason, body oils are also known as “dry oils”. Massaging body oil into slightly wet skin after a shower makes the skin particularly smooth and supple. 

Discover the right body care product for your skin type and individual care requirements in the Heinemann Shop, and get inspired by the intense fragrances of exquisite creams and lotions. 


Sensuous fragrance: body care products with a feel-good note available online from Heinemann

In contrast to a shower gel, whose smell usually gets rinsed away from the skin when showering, a body lotion or body cream remains on the skin and releases its aroma throughout the day. It is therefore all the more important to find a fragrance that matches your personality or complements your perfume for your body care, too.

Heinemann offers you lotions and creams with delicate floral and fruity aromas from Elizabeth Arden or L’Occitane en Provence, as well as body care products matching your favourite fragrances by Victoria's Secret, Gucci, Thierry Mugler and more. Order luxurious personal care products, perfumes and fragrances, and make-up online up to 90 days before your flight date, and pamper yourself and your skin.