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Cleansing, care and fragrance all rolled into one: shower care products for men

A shower gel needs to be much more than just that: it should ensure that the skin is thoroughly cleansed and, at the same time, nourish it as well. For this reason, shower care products need to provide a clean and refreshing feeling, but without attacking the acid mantle of the skin, thus ensuring the skin’s natural pH level remains in balance. High-quality shower emulsions moisturise and nourish the skin even while you are washing, so the skin remains refreshed and invigorated. This invigorating effect is enhanced further if the shower care product is accompanied by attractive fragrances. This is because aromatic substances have a direct influence on the well-being, which is why they are used particularly often in body care and shower products.

The fragrance that suits you best while showering all comes down to you own personal taste: treat yourself to natural essences and aromas, with a shower gel by L’Occitane en Provence. Or indulge in your favourite exclusive fragrance while showering, with the shower care range from Terre d’Hermès. Of course, Hermès is not the only brand offering shower care products:other luxury brands such as Armani, Boss, Calvin Klein, Davidoff, Dior and Versace also offer their popular men’s fragrances as personal care products as shower gel or deodorant.

In the Heinemann Shop, you will find an exclusive selection of fragrance and personal care sets as part of our special travel exclusive editions – ideal as gifts for men or for personal indulgence – as a shower care or body care product, for use every day, or on special occasions.  


Clean and dapper: order shower gels with trendy men’s fragrances from Heinemann

Discover the fragrance that suits you best and pamper yourself with premium fragrances and personal care products like shower gels, deodorants or aftershave and eau de toilette from the Heinemann Shop: you’ll find trendy men’s fragrances like Boss Bottled, Cool Water by Davidoff, Acqua di Gio pour Homme by Giorgio Armani, Fahrenheit by Dior or 1 Million by Paco Rabanne. You can also discover popular unisex fragrances, such as CKOne or CK2 by Calvin Klein.

Many famous fragrances are available not only as an eau de toilette or eau de parfum but also as a deodorant, aftershave or shower gel. Don’t miss out on the regularly changing deals in the Heinemann special offers: you’ll find numerous fragrances and personal care products at heavily reduced prices.