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From wine gums to liquorice – which sweets are eaten in which countries?

Sweets are popular the whole world over, but there are still huge regional differences. Each country has its own particular preferences when it comes to sweets and chocolates: 

  • In Denmark, liquorice is very popular – including the strong, salty variety. During the Christmas season, marzipan confectionery is another firm favourite, coming in all shapes and sizes.
  • Switzerland is known for finest chocolate: this is where ‘conching’ was invented – the technique that makes milk chocolate so wonderfully smooth and creamy. Swiss chocolate brands such as Lindtare in demand around the world.
  • Germany is the home of Haribo and Katjes, two of the biggest fruit gum manufacturers in the world. But various luxury chocolate brands such as Rausch and Hachez are also based in Germany.
  • England introduced the world to fudge, a wonderfully soft and creamy confectionery. But English wine gums such as those from the established brand Basset’s are also sold internationally.
  • France is known for its exquisite nut pralines and white nougat with almonds, hazelnuts or pistachios. Macarons – a traditional meringue speciality which has been all the rage in recent years – also originated in France.

Try these and many other delicious sweets in the premium Heinemann range. You’ll find selected chocolate, fruit gums, pralines and pastries from top international brands.


Delectable biscuits and pastries – online in the Heinemann Shop

When it comes to pastries, people have very different tastes. Some favour very crunchy varieties such as the Italian cantucci, whilst others prefer soft varieties such as macarons or sponge-based cookies. Some like a plain and simple lemon-flavoured biscuit to complement their coffee, whilst others long to sink their teeth into a moist brownie or a triple choc cookie. Thankfully, there are pastries available to cater to just about every conceivable taste. Whilst traditional biscuits often contain almonds, nuts or fruits, modern varieties also play with unusual flavours such as sea salt, bergamot or green tea. In compiling its range, Heinemann has cooperated with numerous regional producers to ensure that gourmets are not disappointed – see for yourself!


Bright and colourful: fruit gums and chocolate in travel edition packs

The joy in receiving a gift of sweets is all the greater if the fruit gums, sweets, chocolate or pralines are presented in a lovingly designed special edition box. We often offer Chupa Chups lollies, chewy sweets or M&M’s packaged inside cuddly toys or other toys, whilst fruit gums and chocolates are also available in mega editions with lots of separate individual packs. And children are not the only ones who love the Heinemann Travel Editions – finest chocolate and pralines from Lindt, Godiva, Guylian and other brands taste twice as nice when packaged in a pretty nostalgic box or a brightly coloured gift box. Buy an out-of-the-ordinary gift or souvenir – online from Heinemann.