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Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's No.27 40% 0.7L


Item no. 1090483



0.7 l

$110.86/1 l


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Jack Daniel's No.27 40% 0.7L

Jack Daniel’s No.27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey is a new, exquisitely refined and wonderfully finished expression of the original Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey. As the No.27 designation suggests, this Jack Daniel’s has been double barrelled and double mellowed. Extra aged in golden-hued maple barrels and twice mellowed through sugar-maple charcoal, Jack Daniel’s No.27 Gold brings forth luxurious hints of maple and an exceedingly smooth finish.

Alcohol by volume [% AbV]:


Manufacturers Data:

Jack Daniel Distillery, Fayetteville Highway, 37352 Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA


Please drink responsibly.


Prepared spring water, an alcohol-based corn, rye and barley malt.


Tasting Notes:

Nose: Subtle hints of rich, warm maple. Toasted oak and honey open up, followed by a complex medley of fruit. Taste: Creamy vanilla with a trace of chocolate and those characteristic maple notes. Hints of spice linger in the background. Finish: A smooth slight sweetness with just a hint of malt.

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